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+ 30 210 3245170
52 Adrianou Street, Athens, Greece
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Daily 9:30AM - 12:30AM


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Daily 9:30AM - 12:00AM

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Party like a god in Athens, Greece at our Hard Rock Cafe. There’s always something happening at our brand-new cafe, so be sure to check out our event calendar for the hottest events.

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The Big Game 2018!

Special Events
Join us on Sunday 4th February to catch all the action love from our screens and enjoy some classic American food!
Enjoy the 52nd annual championship game of the National American Football League!
Special offer for this day and only for the fans!
Hot dog + fries + a small draught beer : 12.90 €
Legendary burger + a small draught beer: 19.90 €
Stay tuned!
For more information and reservations contact us at +30 2103245170
or athens_salescoordinator@hardrock.com
#TheBigGame #ThisIsHardRock



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