Hard Rock Cafe Porto

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Rua do Almada, 120, Porto, 4050-031, Portugal

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MON TO SUN 12:00PM TO 01:00AM


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MON TO SUN 11:00AM TO 02:00AM


MON TO SUN 10:00AM TO 01:00AM

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Hard Rock Cafe Porto

Est. Nov 20, 2016

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A Alma do Rock é Invicta - The Soul of Rock is Invictus. Combining Porto’s strong sense of history with the irreverence and character of the Hard Rock brand, Hard Rock Cafe Porto provides a fascinating and charming dining opportunity in the second largest city in Portugal. Known for its wine and elected for the third time this decade as the “Best European Destination,” Porto is adding Hard Rock Cafe to its diverse landscape that joins old-world charm with proud millennial traditions to form a complete and global city.

Legendary Flavors from Avenida dos Aliados

Take one bite of our Legendary® Burger and you’ll know you came to the right place. Whether you’re dining with your best friend or your entire family, we have space for you. Our completely remodeled venue has a total area of 1450m2, with a capacity for anywhere from 250 to 800 people. Dine in style while enjoying our burgers, salads, and cocktails, and experience rock and roll history while seated among the unique memorabilia of Hard Rock International.

The Perfect Location in Porto

Near the vibrant Avenida dos Aliados, located in a high-personality 19th century building, at Hard Rock Cafe Porto you can experience classic American cuisine with your friends and family after a fun and exciting day of exploring our beautiful city, and make sure to check our events calendar for information on upcoming musical acts.

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Rua do Almada, 120
4050-031, Porto, Portugal

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