Hard Rock's frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I find out about special charitable events hosted by Hard Rock Cafe?
A: Our Events Calendar is updated regularly, so keep checking back. Our News & Press Releases section also contains a lot of information about different Hard Rock initiatives and events, such as our Signature Series or our Pinktober campaigns, that benefit a number of great charities. You can also contact the cafe directly for more information. To find contact information for a specific Cafe, visit the Cafe Locator page.
Q: How do I order merchandise from a specific city?
A: We sincerely appreciate your interest in our merchandise. However, Hard Rock Cafe city-specific merchandise is unique and valuable because it can be purchased only at each local Cafe. For this reason, we do not honor any form of mail or phone orders for city specific items. We hope you will visit us soon to enjoy the Hard Rock experience first hand.
Q: How do I find a specific cafe?
A: Click here for the Cafe Locator page.
Q: What type of food does the Hard Rock Cafe serve?
A: There's something for all appetites at the Hard Rock Cafe. We offer quality, classic American food in our unique, high-energy, music memorabilia-packed atmosphere.
Q: Where does Hard Rock Cafe get its memorabilia?
A: Through several different sources: auctions, donations, private foundations, etc.
Q: Am I able to make dinner reservations online?
A: We do not offer reservations per say however, we do offer Priority Seating (first available seating) at participating locations. Priority Seating will allow you to skip the line, to not worry about the wait and get you seated at the next available table. To get Priority Seating visit http://www.hardrock.com/px/?selLocation. Priority Seating is available for groups up to 15 and can be made up to 30 days in advance.
We also offer Open Table reservations at select Hard Rock Cafe locations. To find an Open Table reservation, visit the Hard Rock Cafe website of the location you plan to visit.
Q: How do I book a meeting or reserve space for a large group at Hard Rock?
A: Hard Rock Cafes, Hard Rock Hotels, and Hard Rock Lives all over the world are equipped to handle many different types of large groups, from business meetings to wedding receptions, from birthday parties to corporate events. go to the Hard Rock Meetings website. There are two different areas of the Meetings site: Hotels and Cafes. Please click on either link to find out more.
Q: How do I apply for a job with Hard Rock Cafe?
A: For more information on job openings, shower up, look sharp, then go to the Hard Rock Careers section.
Q: Does Hard Rock offer gift cards?

A: Open dollar Hard Rock gift cards are sold in any company owned US Cafes. The cards may be redeemed at any of the company owned cafes, but not the online store or franchise locations. View current list of participating cafes.