Franchise Opportunities
Franchise and Development Opportunities

Franchise & Development Opportunities Map

In which area of the world are you interested in opening a Hard Rock Cafe? We invite you to explore the map below to find out the regions and countries where we are seeking partners to open new Hard Rock Cafes. About the map:

  • Countries colored orange: We are actively seeking partnerships in these countries. They are at the top of our list for new Hard Rock Cafes.

  • Countries colored yellow: Some of these countries already have one or more Hard Rock Cafes, so certain cities or regions may not be available, while other cities or regions are available. When you click on a country, you will find more information about availability.

  • Countries colored grey: Unfortunately, these countries are not available.
Cities & Territories of Key interest:
Marrakech, Lagos, Baku Amman, Belgrade, Kathmandu, Ecuador, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Beijing, Taiwan, Kiev, Zagreb, St. Petersburg