It all started when Eric Clapton, a regular at the first Hard Rock Cafe in London, asked the staff if he could hang his guitar on the wall to mark his favorite bar stool as "his spot." They did, and one week later, a package from the Who's Pete Townshend arrived by messenger with a guitar and a note bearing the message, "Mine's as good as his! Love, Pete." Ever since then, we've been gathering historic, cool, unforgettable pieces of rock memorabilia and covering our walls with them.

It's all about the treasureā€¦the Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe, that is. Now, for the first time ever, this collection has been captured in a handsome hardbound, 300-glossy page keepsake featuring more than 2000 vivid color photos and 60 pages of text that tell the Hard Rock story and provide an intimate look at this unrivaled collection.

Own a piece of the Treasure. Go to your favorite Hard Rock Cafe and purchase a copy for yourself, or buy a boxed, numbered Limited Edition book online. It's sure to be a memorabilia experience!
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