Geeks Rock (Especially At Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo)!

Ya know, we might look like were rockin’ awesome rockers, but deep down inside we’re really just a bunch of geeks. Give us a moment to qualify that remark. Everyone is a geek about something, whether it’s heavy metal, sports, rock, pancakes, labradoodles, or anime. You read that right. Labradoodles. That is, people have a deep, abiding love, fascination, and appreciation for those things over which they geek out. [more]

Now, most people will only point to one of the examples from our list as a representative of a true geek, but we just know that that’s wrong. Geeks come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, smells, tax brackets, and rockin’ awesomeness. We know some true Metallica geeks, as well as some true Dungeons & Dragons geeks. We know people who geek out on both of those. Who are we to deny anyone their geek love for their chosen geekiness? Answer is that we can’t and won’t do that because you shouldn’t deny anyone their loves. Geeks rule!

So, that was a long way of leading into us sharing these pictures of an excellent event that happened recently at Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo. Yes, it is as fun as it looks. Anime geeks rocking out to anime songs performed by a rock band that specializes in anime music? Count us in! It was almost as good as Comic-Con. Don’t laugh. We said almost.



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