Hard Rock Cafe Berlin Has A New Address!

That’s right, everyone. Hard Rock Cafe Berlin is now located directly on the Ku’damm, at Kurfürstendamm 224. The new location incorporates contemporary material, light installations combined with current Berlin architecture trends, giving the restaurant a new look and vibe.

The two-floor, 450-square-meter cafe has seating for 350 guests, two vibrant bars, a cocktail lounge area and a stage for live performances. Hard Rock’s picturesque balcony features seating for 100, overlooking the Ku’damm and Memorial Church. If you’re in Berlin or are going to be anytime in the future, you’ve got to check it out. Yeah, it is awesome.


  1. How convenient to the tourist and hotel area!. I would like to visit this location and be there in person… I have visited these places many times, but only in dreams…It’s funny since a person can’t pick up the decorations or the music in their sleep. I think I enjoy the Cancun one…If I ever visit Cancun in person I will try to see what it’s like in there…

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