Hard Rock Cafe Budapest Imagines No Hunger

What a way to bring in the new year! Hard Rock Cafe Budapest showed its support of Imagine There’s No Hunger, Hard Rock’s annual program to raise money and awareness for hunger and poverty worldwide, by hosting the biggest free concert the city had ever seen. It’s cold out? Get over it! With snow on the ground and fire in their hearts, the Cafe crew helped make the day and night something really special for the gathered thousands. Fireworks? Check. Rock band? Check. Great times? Double check. It really was an incredible event, as the entire Cafe, as well as a good chunk of the city, got involved in Imagine There’s No Hunger. It’s a great cause, near and dear to our heart, so we just wanted to thank all those involved and share some pics from the event. You all rock!



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  1. This was a great store a year ago in 2012 when I first went there. Everything thing was great. Now it feels like it is being run by mafia want-a-be types. Thug bouncer type guys in suits stand guard and rove the floor. When I went toward the stairs going to the bar one of them grabbed my arm and asked "What do you want/" I said I was going to have a beer. Then he asked if I wanted food so I and I said yes so he let me go. Then even though I was along I was not allowed to eat at the bar only a table.Then I went to find the restroom and came across a backroom near the kitchen. Suddenly I was surrounded, I thought I was going to be attacked. Then a waiter asked me what I wanted. I was very uncomfortable when I left the store. The food is still good and the same Hard rock service but not a the fun atmosphere as before.

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