Hard Rock Cafe Seattle Celebrates Its Grand Opening!

Hard Rock Cafe Seattle has been open for a little while now (since February, to be exact), but it wasn’t until last night that they received their proper grand opening party, replete with delectable eats, amazing music, and great times. What a night it was. From beginning to end, the stars aligned and the lucky invitees participated in and witnessed one amazing moment after another. You may think that’s a bit hyperbolic, but believe us when we say, “It rocked!”

However, all of the food and memorabilia and rockin’ awesome people couldn’t hold a candle (what does that mean, anyway?) to the music that, in true Seattle fashion, rounded out the night. First up, The Thermals, an incredible and passionate band out of Portland, got people moving and heads bobbing (thankfully, no fist-pumping). The Thermals definitely know how to start a party right.

Next up, Ra Ra Riot brought their layered, gorgeous pop awesomeness to the stage, showing everyone why they are, consistently, one of the best live bands out there today.

As always, a large component of any of our grand opening celebrations is the philanthropic aspect. Hard Rock takes philanthropy very seriously. It’s written into our very DNA, with our guiding mottos of “Love All, Serve All”, “Save The Planet”, “All Is One”, and “Take Time To Be Kind.” Last night was no exception, as two great organizations received a big “thank you” for doing the work they do. The Vera Project, a Seattle based organization that aims to engage young people in music and the arts, and The Musary, a foundation set up by Ra Ra Riot to encourage and develop musicians, both helped make last night even more special.

We just wanted to thank The Thermals, Ra Ra Riot, the staff at Hard Rock Cafe Seattle, and all those who came out to help us celebrate for making the night so absolutely incredible. Most of all, though, we want to thank the amazing people of Seattle for embracing the Cafe wholeheartedly. It’s been a great ride so far and the best is yet to come. Believe it.

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