Treasures Of The Hard Rock Memorabilia Tour Crosses The Globe

It all started with one guitar. A Red Fender, in fact, donated by its owner, Eric Clapton. Now it’s the largest music memorabilia collection on the planet – 70,000+ (and counting) rock ‘n’ roll icons, from a lock of hair to a five-ton psychedelic bus, from some of the most important guitars in music history to some of the most incredible outfits ever to grace a rock star or stage. On any given day, visit any Hard Rock location around the world, and you will see some of these pieces of history yourself. Whether they transport you to a time in your own past, triggering memories of glory days, or they teach you something you never knew about one of your favorite artists, Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection has been viewed by millions over the years.

Now, Hard Rock is bringing even more memorabilia to Hard Rocks all over the world, with the Treasures Of The Hard Rock tour. Actually, we should say “tours,” as three separate tours will criss-cross both the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. tours will highlight two different themes: those artists who left us in their prime, leaving behind catalogs of incredible music, and musicians whose philanthropic work rivals their music. [more]

  • First up, in the Eastern half of the U.S., some of the artists represented on this tour include Kurt Cobain, Bono, Keith Moon, Elton John, and more!
  • Next, for the Western U.S., some of the artists represented will include John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Buddy Holly, Shakira, and more!
  • Finally, in Europe, the “50 Years Of Rock & Pop Fashion” will show off some of the most incredible fashions worn by some of the most incredible musicians and artists of the last 50 years.

Each tour will set up shop in a Hard Rock Cafe for one week, giving Hard Rock fans the chance to see, in one place, music memorabilia they would otherwise need to travel the globe to see. You will not want to miss the Treasures Of The Hard Rock tour. Believe it.



New York: Feb. 14-15

Chicago: Feb. 25-March 4

Boston: Feb. 25-March 4

Austin, SXSW: March 11-8*

Pittsburgh: March 25-April 1

San Diego: April 10-18

Biloxi, Miss.: April 22-29

Atlanta: May 5-13

Seattle: May 13-19

Miami: May 19-27

Hollywood, Fla.: June 3-10

Tampa, Fla.: June 13-22

Orlando Hotel: June 25-July 5

Chicago Hotel: July1-July6

Phoenix: July 10-15

Denver: July 27-Aug. 3

Dallas: July 31-Aug. 8



Berlin: Feb. 21–March 1

Munich: March 15-March 24

Hamburg: April 10–April 22  

Phuket: June 14-June 23

Bangkok: June 28-July 3

Tokyo Roppongi: July 13-July 18

Osaka: July 23-July 28

Macau: August 7-August 13

Glasgow: August 16 – August 25

Gothenburg: August 27-Sept. 2

Manchester: August 30 – Sept. 8

Oslo: Sept. 11-Sept. 16

Nice: Sept. 13 – Sept. 22

Paris: Sept. 27 – Oct. 6

Malta: Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Malta Bar: Oct. 11-Oct. 16

Prague: Oct. 14 – Oct. 21

Barcelona: Oct. 25 – Nov. 3

Dublin: Nov. 5-Nov. 11

Madrid: Nov. 8 – Nov. 17

Lisbon: Nov. 22 – Dec. 1

Dubai: Nov. 27-Dec. 2

India (TBD, multiple Cafes): Dec. 13, 2013 – Jan. 13, 2014



*Unless otherwise noted, all tours will be on display at Hard Rock Cafe.


  1. I'm not sure where I was to rsvp but I received this invitation in my email for concierge invites. I'm from the Residence Inn/Springhill Suites Chicago Downtown River North and I would like to attend this event with 1 guest. Thank you!

  2. Dear Hard Rock,

    I will be looking forward to seeing the Tour here in Europe especially Germany. That's great that Jeff has organized the Tour to come our way. I'd love to tag along. Rocking Greetings from Kaiserslautern, Germany.

    Best Regards,


  3. Hello, I found a card I bought when I went to Miami, for a cruise I paid for a card that said all access. I do not live close to a hard rock cafe and forgot I had it, do you still have all access cards it was in march of 2008.
    #7903011406420364 I also bought a hard rock guitar Pin. I really enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. Allot has happened since then just wondered if my card was still good?

  4. Wow what a great idea wiil be my first time seeing the collection cant wait in our home cafe edinburgh "FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU"

  5. Gloria,

    The old All Access program ended last year. It has been replaced by Hard Rock Rewards, our new loyalty program that's even better than All Access, with more rewards and many more participating locations. You can sign up for a free account here: Thanks for being a fan!

  6. What happened to the last half of the tour? I made a note that the Treasures of the Hard Rock tour would be in Nashville this week, but now I don't see it listed??

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