We are the Hard Rock Roxtars™! And we are more than just a bunch of music performers. We represent something much cooler – individuality. Through our talents, our unique styles and even our own quirks, we aren't afraid to step on stage and show the world who we really are. We’re unapologetically original and love inspiring kids of all ages to rock their own brand of cool.

Join us and let your own originality shine!
She is the 'motherly type' of the Hard Rock Roxtars band. Always with a positive word of encouragement, she is famous for her super squishy hugs. She loves the outdoors, nature and fluffy clouds.

Favorite music: Sing-alongs, Disco dance tunes, Classic Folk songs
Lead Guitar
He may be the smallest of the Hard Rock Roxtars band, but he can certainly hold his own when it comes to rock and roll. Known for his show stopping guitar jams, he also enjoys riding his motorcycle and chewing his favorite bubble gum 'Yummy Yummy Bubble Gummy'.

Favorite music: Classic Rock and the British-invasion era
Lead Singer
He is "Mister Cool" and can do most things well, but with great humility and never boastful. He loves playing sports, x-games, riding his skateboard, but can also be found fishing down at the 'ol pond.

Favorite music: Pop, Jazz, Big Bands
She uses her natural ability and love of writing poetry to write all of the Hard Rock Roxtars music and songs. She is strongly independent, yet still very much part of the Hard Rock Roxtars band identity. She enjoys writing in her journal, setting fashion trends, and shopping.

Favorite music: 1980's music, Punk, Girl bands
This stocky wild man seems to always be the last one to 'get the joke', and certainly not the brightest bulb on the marquee, but he is a fan favorite and a true friend. He's just a little dizzy from all those years of 'head banging'. When not playing the drums, he loves the beach and is an excellent surfer.

Favorite music: Loud Rock and Roll, Metal


The Hard Rock Roxtars' favorite hangout is none other than the Hard Rock Cafe. So they've left some awesome treats waiting just for you. Party like a Hard Rock Roxtar with your own Activity Book loaded with lots of fun activities. Nosh on your favorite foods served on your own guitar dish.

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When Hard Rock Roxtars travel, they stay in style. Simply step inside a Hard Rock Hotel and you're in the band. Your tour manager will give you a special Hard Rock Roxtars Activity Book at check-in. And you'll find kid-friendly hotels where kids rock to their own rhythm in signature hangouts.

And who knows, you might catch a live Hard Rock Roxtars performance. This is cool, your way.


You're already cool. Now it's time to look the part. That’s why the Hard Rock Roxtars have created their own collection of clothes, accessories and gear so you can rock your own star style. Join the world tour with a killer band tee. Or grab a signature accessory from one of your favorite Hard Rock Roxtars. Then, hit the stage and let the show begin.