Hard Rock presents Revolutions Per Minute


From time to time, some of our more passionate guests will get worked-up over certain pieces of memorabilia in our collection and try to take us to task over them. Usually, this stems from someone assuming that a joint called the Hard Rock should exclusively display memorabilia that fits into their personal definition of what “hard rock” music is. Continue reading

Bon Jovi arrived in Las Vegas last night in support of their feisty new album, This House Is Not For Sale. After seeing them in September of 1989 at the Miami Arena (thanks mom!) and wearing out my New Jersey cassette, I’ve stayed faintly aware of them over the decades as they (d)evolved from one of glam metal’s biggest stars into a heartland rock and roll band and a calculating music brand.
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In some ways, Brooklyn-based pop phenom Bebe Rexha personifies the 21st century music biz ideal – she’s predominantly known as a guest singer, she ignores the old-school concept of an album release, her image is perfectly crafted for Instagram and her voice is manipulated into what is essentially a computer noise. In short, she’s a completely digital creature… and it’s kind of perfect.
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