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Artist of the Month – ALL TIME LOW

All roads have led us here. On their sleek new album Last Young Renegade, All Time Low establish themselves at the forefront of contemporary music by daring to shake off pop-punk expectations.

Today’s best music cares nothing for genre and the most interesting artists drink from a well of diverse influences. On Last Young Renegade, the heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics are still there for the Warped Tour fans who have been with the guys all along; while the music makes the band all the more accessible.

Joining tastemaking megalabel Fueled By Ramen, the band’s fresh sound shares an orbit with label mates twenty one pilots and Paramore – two bands who know the emotional hook of a song doesn’t always hang on a guitar. From “Drugs & Candy” to “Life of the Party”, All Time Low move the goalposts on pop-punk in 2017.

All Time Low don’t hide from where they want to go as a band

The band started this journey on 2015’s Future Hearts where guest stars like Mark Hoppus and Joel Madden aided in the band’s new direction. As good as it was, it now sounds like a transition album for a band that knew they needed a wider template for their sound. Back on a major label, the band sounds reinvigorated as Alex Gaskarth sings “One more time for second chances, we just want to do some damage” on “Nice2KnoU”, a guaranteed classic for the band’s live set when they resume rocking stages this summer.

The lone guest appearance on Last Young Renegade is from Tegan and Sara, the perfect companions for this record. Having evolved from their folk-punk roots into a stellar pop act, Tegan and Sara have already proven that your fans will stick with you if you grow artistically while staying honest. On their new album, All Time Low don’t hide from where they want to go as a band and that honesty makes every new texture in their sound shine that much brighter.

That’s what we look for in our Artist of the Month and we’re excited to be spinning music from their new album throughout June at Hard Rock Cafes worldwide.

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