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With the recent unveiling of this year’s Warped Tour line-up, old school punk is again in the air as California legends The Adolescents, The Dickies and T.S.O.L are heading out with bands that weren’t even born when they put California punk on the map in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. Inspired by the music coming out of New York and the UK, something happened to punk when it reached the Pacific Ocean.
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Bon Jovi arrived in Las Vegas last night in support of their feisty new album, This House Is Not For Sale. After seeing them in September of 1989 at the Miami Arena (thanks mom!) and wearing out my New Jersey cassette, I’ve stayed faintly aware of them over the decades as they (d)evolved from one of glam metal’s biggest stars into a heartland rock and roll band and a calculating music brand.
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