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The 262-mile road trip from Las Vegas to Pasadena, CA includes a stretch along the hip of Mojave National Preserve. With all due respect to the impeccably attired Lumineers, the real opening act for U2’s return to the Rose Bowl was the miles upon miles of Joshua trees stretching around us as my wife and I descended into California to celebrate the 30th anniversary of U2’s landmark album with 100,000 or so friends.
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With the recent unveiling of this year’s Warped Tour line-up, old school punk is again in the air as California legends The Adolescents, The Dickies and T.S.O.L are heading out with bands that weren’t even born when they put California punk on the map in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. Inspired by the music coming out of New York and the UK, something happened to punk when it reached the Pacific Ocean.
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