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COOL GUITAR ALERT! Marc Bolan’s 1970 Veleno Original

This guitar is an absolutely perfect piece of memorabilia. It’s rare, beautiful and it belonged to a legend.
This is a Veleno Original built for Marc Bolan around 1970 and is one of the very first John Veleno ever made. These guitars are constructed entirely out of aluminum and are amazing pieces of functional art. Most examples have humbucking pickups, but Bolan’s has DeArmond “Dynasonic” single coils – like a Gretsch. We’ve never seen another Veleno with this pickup configuration.

Here’s Marc in action with his Veleno on “Children of the Revolution”:

John Veleno made less than 200 of these in his career and the vast majority of them wound up in the hands of legendary players. The engraver that John enlisted to etch Bolan’s name on this guitar misspelled his first name. John was mortified, but Marc thought it was cool and elected to keep the guitar as-is. We’ve played more incredible vintage guitars than most people will ever see, but this one stands out as truly special.

Marc Bolan’s 1970 Veleno Original

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