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This Band Doesn’t Suck – PLAGUE VENDOR

December 15, 2016

Revolutions Per Minute presents “THIS BAND DOESN’T SUCK” – a look at a contemporary artist who is helping dispel the notion that music in the 21st century is a desolate wasteland of suckitude.

This episode features the twisted genius of Whittier, California-based art punk band PLAGUE VENDOR – a band of undeniable power and dark charisma. They’re unlike any other currently active band. There’s no contrived punk posturing, no cliche power chord noise, no transparent attempt at a pandering “anthem song”. Everything is the real deal. You can tell right away when a band has got it and when they don’t. It’s an intangible thing that immediately disappears when an act is trying to be anything other than authentic. The moment you try to be cool? That’s the moment coolness is impossible. Plague Vendor is undeniably cool.

Frontman Brandon Blaine sat down with Jeff Nolan backstage before their gig in Orlando, Florida for a wide-ranging, insightful interview that captures the spirit of a young artist as he’s just starting to realize he has no creative limits.


Show Notes

11:03 Brandon Blaine interview begins



  1. Andrew says:

    Great interview. The first time I saw Plague Vendor was at a free SXSW show and I was immediately blown away–Brandon scaling the limestone wall and writhing around on the ground at Cheer Up Charlies was the only intro to the band I needed. I’ve seen them twice more since then (on the Refused tour and opening for White Lung) and they’ve ruled each time. Bloodsweat is one of the best records of the year, hands down.

    1. Jeff Nolan says:

      I totally agree that ‘Bloodsweat’ is the album of the year. Plague Vendor is simply an extraordinary band. They deserve to get much bigger.

  2. Sasha Ceuvas says:

    How do you not get stars truck? Great questions!

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