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This Band Doesn’t Suck – RIVAL SONS

November 01, 2016

Every month, Revolutions Per Minute presents “THIS BAND DOESN’T SUCK” – a look at a contemporary artist who is helping dispel the notion that music in the 21st century is a desolate wasteland of suckitude.

This premier episode features the absolutely amazing RIVAL SONS – a California quartet whose approach to rock ‘n’ roll brings to mind legends like Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie and the Faces while somehow never veering into the empty imitation that plagues so many current hard rock bands.

Hard Rock’s Jeff Nolan caught up with the band in Cleveland, Ohio while they were on tour with the mighty Black Sabbath. The Cleveland gig was a rare chance to see Rival Sons do a headline set in an intimate environment in between Sabbath shows.

Jeff sat down with guitarist Scott Holiday for the loose and fun dinner conversation presented here in all its spur-of-the-moment glory. Scott gives an intelligent and irreverent overview of Rival Sons, discusses the unique pressures of being in a touring band in the 21st century and even dives deep into the genius of Steve Marriott.


Show Notes

6:50Scott Holiday interview begins


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  1. Pretty awesome stuff. How can I get my band to be reviewed?–Mahalo, Mr.Mac

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