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FANCY THREADS! John Lennon’s jacket from the cover of Rubber Soul

This is it. This is the one. Our greatest piece of Beatles wardrobe. This is the brown suede jacket John Lennon wore on the cover of Rubber Soul. Combine this jacket with a black turtleneck and you’ll look like a former mop-top who’s just beginning to realize his own creative genius – just like John in ’65.

Unlike so many of the D.A. Millings-made matching suits the Beatles wore, this jacket was not part of any band “uniform”. In many ways, it represents John’s boredom with the machinery of the Beatles’ image. By ’65, he just wanted to look cool and be comfortable. This jacket fit the bill nicely. It’s one of the most treasured pieces in our collection.

John Lennon’s Rubber Soul jacket


  1. Tanya Buttaccio says:

    Which Hard Rock is this being displayed in?

    1. jeff nolan says:

      It’s currently at Hard Rock headquarters in Orlando, FL, but it will certainly be on display at a cafe, hotel or casino soon. Stay tuned!

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