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REVIEW – Glam Skanks Glitter City

With an album cover reminiscent of Queen II, there is little doubt where Hollywood-based mascara merchants Glam Skanks are headed on Glitter City. They’re currently on their first major tour opening for Adam Ant, so I thought I’d give their album a spin.

The New York Dolls eschewed subtlety and Glam Skanks see no reason to question that approach. Lead-off track “G.L.A.M.” answers the never-asked question, “what would happen if The Runaways covered the Bay City Rollers?” The song mixes sweaty attitude with an infectious melody – simple and to the point. On “Fuck Off,” the band turns the classic Phil Spector girl-group sound inside-out and unleashes an anthem of empowerment for women who aren’t going to waste a Saturday night waiting on a man to come knocking.

Glam Skanks know what they want and they want it now. With Glitter City, Glam Skanks wear their influences, from T Rex to Suzi Quatro, as badges of honor and do them justice with ten songs full of sexy riffage and swagger. This is a truly fun rock ‘n’ roll band that deserves a larger audience.

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