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REVIEW – Lorde’s “Green Light”

When Pure Heroine turned Lorde into a pop sensation in 2013, it gave voice to sheltered teens who paid attention in English class and saw beyond the hollowness of growing up on social media.

Like Lana Del Rey, Lorde tapped into a pop sound that embraced sadness and emphasized the virtues of being different. While all things Lana Del Rey feel cold and calculated, Lorde sold me on her vision – and the time off since “Yellow Flicker Beat” dropped in 2014 reinforced my belief.

If Lorde had succumbed to churning out product, the new single “Green Light” would have arrived much sooner. The opening verse, featuring just Lorde and a piano, keeps the focus on her tortured heart as it builds towards an emotional release on the dance floor. The chorus of “Green Light” is the most club-friendly moment in Lorde’s career and trades her Lana Del Rey moodiness for a Gaga-worthy anthem. The quirkiness of her style, absolutely critical to her aesthetic, still shines through even if she’s crafting music that will probably make her popular with the very cliques that shunned her for being different.

Subversive pop? Perhaps.

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