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Located at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Sunday - Thursday

10AM -11PM

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10PM - 1AM


Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City Memorabilia

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Generation X

Rickenbacker Bass

HRC044306 GENERATION X Tony James is English punk royalty. When he formed Generation X in 1976, he forged the template for pop-punk that’s still, more or less, followed today. Also, Gen X introduced the world to a good-looking young singer named William Broad. You know him as Billy Idol. Tony used this Rickenbacker bass throughout his time with Generation X. It was his go-to axe in the late ’70s. After the group split in 1981, Tony went on to form Sigue Sigue Sputnik – a sort of post-punk glam experiment that was much more about vertical hairstyles than music. These days, Tony is in Carbon/Silicon with fellow punk icon Mick Jones of the Clash.

Stone Temple Pilots

Pink Jacket

Stone Temple Pilots’ 1994 hit, “Interstate Love Song” was, in many ways, the group’s creative and commercial high water mark. It exists on a sort of middle ground between “grunge” and ’70s-style AM radio. Completely catchy, totally rockin’– a perfect three-minute radio hit. The accompanying video finds frontman Scott Weiland driving through a burnt-out desert, driving a burnt-out car and sporting this pink jacket. It’s a truly great video.

Steven Van Zandt

Leopard Print Jacket

Steven Van Zandt is like a living encyclopedia of American rock ’n’ roll. As a musician, songwriter, producer, arranger and radio host, he’s carried the torch for raw, vital music for over forty years. He wore this stylish jacket on stage during his 1987 Freedom–No Compromise tour.

Alice Cooper

Gibson SG Special

This sweet Gibson SG Special with P-90 pickups and snake-motif paint job was used onstage in the ’70s with the Alice Cooper band.



We own a lot of Kiss costumes, but this one’s the best. Ace Frehley wore it in ’75 on the Alive!tour. Check out the burn mark on the right thigh. It’s from Ace’s “smoking guitar” routine. Too cool. Ace once told us that this costume was a hassle to wear because the shoulder rings would get in his way. He was constantly adjusting them mid-show.

The Who

Schecter Telecaster

This Schecter Telecaster was custom-made for Pete Townshend to use on The Who’s 1982 “farewell tour”. It has an interesting “B-bender” bridge that raises the pitch of the B string when downward pressure is applied to the guitar’s strap. This allowed Pete to approximate pedal steel licks.

Guns N' Roses

Gibson Les Paul

In the ’80s, the legendary Gibson Les Paul had fallen out of fashion with the new wave haircut set. Slash almost single-handedly changed that. Guns N’ Roses’ classic debut, Appetite For Destruction, put the Les Paul back where it’s always belonged – front and center. This gorgeous 30th anniversary goldtop with retrofitted EMG pickups was rocked, rolled and signed by Slash.

Bon Jovi

Custom Kramer

Some things are purely of their time. This custom Kramer guitar with its Floyd Rose tremolo, “hockey stick” headstock and less-than-subtle Bon Jovi paint job is quintessentially '80s. It was made by Kramer for Jon Bon Jovi.

The Everly Brothers

Gibson Acoustic

With angelic harmonies driving timeless songs like “All I Have to Do Is Dream” and “Wake Up Little Susie”, the Everly Brothers were among the most important of the 1950s rock pioneers. This custom Gibson acoustic was part of their on stage arsenal.

White Zombie

Ibanez Iceman

This impossibly cool Ibanez Iceman was White Zombie guitarist Jay Yuenger’s signature axe. It’s an extremely high-quality instrument that was only manufactured in small numbers. These days, it’s highly collectible.

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