Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain

142 Old Exhibition Road, Hoora, Manama, Bahrain

Restaurant Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:30AM - 1:30AM

Bar Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:30AM - 1:30AM


Mon-Sun 10:30AM-1:00AM

Gladly Accepted

Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain Memorabilia

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Pete Townshend

Kent Guitar

Though Pete Townshend was never shy about smashing beautiful (and expensive) guitars on stage, sometimes he trashed a less coveted axe – like this old Kent. The Who’s management and tour accountants must’ve been pleased.

Tom Petersson

Guild Bass

Tom Petersson has owned and operated some of the coolest vintage basses we’ve ever seen and this ’67 Guild hollowbody is no exception. Tom used it predominantly in the studio.

Joe Walsh

Martin O-17 Tenor Guitar

This unusual Martin tenor guitar belonged to James Gang frontman/Eagles axeman/our mainman Joe Walsh. Tenor guitars are four-string instruments typically tuned in fifths. In the hands of Joe, a tenor guitar is like a magic wand.

Freddie Mercury

Bowling Shirt

Quintessential frontman Freddie Mercury had already gone through his “bowling shirt” phase way before such retro garb got popular with modern hipsters. Here’s a white and yellow Madison Square Garden shirt with “Hal” embroidered on the front and “Hartglass” and “Madison Square Garden 1968 National Championship” embroidered on the back. This shirt was one of Freddie’s favorites.

Elton John

Leather Jacket

Rise, Sir Elton. Those three words say a lot about how far rock ’n’ roll has come in fifty-odd years. This studded, hand-painted leather Batman jacket is how Elton steps out when he’s in a rock ’n’ roll mood (which is how we like him).

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