Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok

424/3-6 Siam Square SOI 11 Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Restaurant Hours:

Daily 11:00AM - Midnight

Bar Hours:

Daily 11:00AM - 11.50PM

* No alcohol sale during 2:00PM - 5:00PM due to the Thai law.


Daily 10:00AM -Midnight

Live Band:

Daily 8:30PM -Midnight

Gladly Accepted
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Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok Memorabilia

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In addition to being a bona-fide musical genius, Prince is a true fashion icon. This Edwardian-style jacket is from his wardrobe.

The Cult

Tour Jacket

Frontman Ian Astbury wore this tour jacket during the Cult’s 1991 tour in support of their Bob Rock-produced album Sonic Temple.



When Madonna released her smash single “Vogue” in 1990, she scored one of her all-time biggest hits and introduced a previously underground dance to the mainstream. She wore this blazer in the song’s video.

Mariah Carey


The superstar chanteuse with the five octave range wore this red halter dress onstage during her 1994 world tour.

Culture Club


This oh-so-eighties kimono was worn by Boy George in Culture Club’s video for their 1983 hit “Karma Chameleon”.

Elvis Presley

Silk Pajamas

The King had style even when he was lounging at home. These are a pair of his custom-embroidered black silk pajamas.

Mötley Crüe


This custom Stratocaster was designed for Mick Mars during Mötley Crüe’s 2008 Crüefest tour.

The Police

Guitar Synthesizer

This archaic bit of electronic is a Roland GR-500 guitar synthesizer and it’s the very first guitar synth ever built by the Roland Company. This one belonged to Andy Summers of the Police – who also signed it.



This custom heart-shaped guitar was built for the band’s founder and guitarist, Nancy Wilson.

The Beach Boys

Album Ad

This is an original album ad for the Beach Boys Smile album. Intended as a follow-up to 1966’s groundbreaking Pet Sounds, the album was never completed and remained unreleased for 37 years until Brian Wilson completed and released it in 2004.