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Hard Rock Cafe Budapest Memorabilia

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Christina Aguilera


This striped vest was worn by powerhouse vocalist and all-around pop phenomenon Christina Aguilera in a series of ads she did for Pepsi cola. In the ads, Christina appears with South Korean superstar Rain.

Scott Ian

Jackson Guitar

This custom Jackson guitar was put through its paces by one of the heaviest players in metal – Scott Ian of Anthrax. He used it on the albums Attack of the Killer B’s and Sound of White Noise.

Guns N’ Roses

Gibson Les Paul Pro

This here guitar is a badass rock machine. It’s a Gibson Les Paul Pro model and it was rocked, rolled, smoked, and signed by Izzy Stradlin. Its P-90 pickups give it a biting, raw tone that sounds best when played extremely loudly. The noise this thing puts out will make you raise your fist or cover your ears. We opt for fist raising around here.

Jimi Hendrix


This groovy little poncho was owned and operated by Hendrix, but he later gave it to Memphis session ace Roland Robinson. Roland was a bassist who played with many Stax records stars and he appeared on Hendrix' posthumous Nine to the Universe album.

Jerry Horton

Schecter Tempest Guitar

Jerry Horton of contemporary alt-metal gods Papa Roach used this Schecter Tempest on the group’s 2005 Murder tour.

Jimi Hendrix

Turquoise Brooch

In the late sixties, if you didn’t have any turquoise jewelry, people just assumed something was wrong with you and that you couldn’t be trusted. Hendrix didn’t have this problem. He owned many turquoise pieces – including this art-nouveau brooch.


Handwritten Letter

Here’s a letter Madonna wrote while she was in Chicago filming 1992’s A League of Their Own. Apparently, she wasn’t too thrilled with Chicago or her fellow thespians. She calls co-star Geena Davis “a Barbie doll.”

The Beatles

Reslo Microphone

This humble Reslo ribbon mic and stand was a front-line vocal microphone at the Cavern Club in Liverpool during the Beatles’ many performances. John, Paul, George, Ringo, Stu Sutcliffe, and Pete Best all sang into this unit countless times. When the Merseybeat sound exploded in Liverpool, the Cavern Club was ground zero. In addition to the Beatles, pretty much every great Liverpool group of that incredible era used this microphone.

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