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Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh Memorabilia

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Here are just a few of our awesome memorabilia pieces in the Edinburgh collection. We have over 120 pieces of memorabilia for you to enjoy and take pictures of.

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Marilyn Manson


This Musicmaster bass was used by Brad Stewart (that's Gidget Gein's real name, folks) during the recording of Marilyn Manson's debut album, Portrait of an American Family. Later, Gidget was ignominiously dismissed from the Manson band for drug use. If Marilyn Manson thinks you're getting high too much, you must have a prodigious appetite for drugs.

Jimi Hendrix

Airline Ticket

The Voodoo Chile flew first class on this transatlantic TWA flight. It cost him $750 big bucks in 1970.

The Who

Flying V Guitar

As the Who's leader and songwriter, guitarist Pete Townshend has set the standard for the rock star as artist and as permanently angry young man. Indeed, from songs like My Generation to Won't Get Fooled Again to Tommy, from the incendiary, guitar-smashing live shows to the invention of Marshall stacks, Townshend and the Who have left their mark all over rock culture and in their fifth decade together still know how to bring the fire. The Hard Rock collection contains quite a few of Pete's guitars many in pieces. This grand old Flying V is one that survived.

Pete Farndon

Hamer Bass

You could make a really strong argument for the Pretenders as the most musically complete group to come out of the early English punk scene. The band really had it all. Chrissie Hynde' brilliance is well established. The woman is a bona-fide rock icon, but the sound and vibe of the Pretenders was anchored by bass player Pete Farndon. The quintessential cool-guy rocker, Pete brought a level of danger to the band that infused Chrissie's songs with an aggression and swagger that's kept their early material timeless and he did good deal of it with this Hamer bass. This is the first bass Hamer ever built for Pete and its got his name inlaid on the headstock. This instrument is instantly recognizable to any Pretenders fan.

Ringo Starr

Leather Jacket

In legendary photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s excellent book, Photo Diary, she tells a great story about photographing Ringo Starr. Apparently, he borrowed her custom leather jacket for a few of the shots and was so enamored of it, he insisted on buying it right then and there. Lynn, however, wasn't selling the jacket was a gift from designer Michael Schmidt and it had sentimental value. This upset Ringo and he walked out of the photo session. When you're a former Beatle, you get used to getting whatever you want. You can see Ringo modeling Lynn's jacket (and a zillion other killer rock photos) if you pick up a copy of Photo Diary which you should definitely do.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Set List

This setlist is from Stevie Ray’s 1989 tour with Jeff Beck. Check out how the encores are notated,w/Jeff Beck. Vaughan and Beck jamming together is almost too much blistering guitar for mortal ears.

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