Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada

Nawwara Center, Tareek el Kora, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Restaurant Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00PM-2:00AM

Bar Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00PM-3:00AM


Mon-Sun 10:00AM-3:00AM

Gladly Accepted
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Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada Memorabilia

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Chris Isaak

Gibson B-45 12-String Guitar

We’ve handled more autographs than you can possibly imagine, and we’ve come to an educated conclusion: Chris Isaak gives the best autograph action we’ve ever seen. Just look at the care and creativity he put into this old Gibson 12-string. Our favorite little snippet from this guitar has got to be, “Stay up late buggin’ the neighbors.” Too cool. Chris used this guitar on his first two albums. Now, it’s an even more badass work of art.


Stage Wear

Prince rocked this red ruffled shirt during the legendary Purple Rain tour. Check out the shoulder pads – the ’80s were a freak show.

Richie Sambora

Leather Vest

When you're a huge rock star selling out arenas around the globe, you sometimes need a sleeveless leather vest. Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora knows this well. That’s why he rocked this bad-boy in the ’90s.

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