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Paseo Vara de Rey 1, 07800 Ibiza, Spain

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Closed until next spring 2019

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Closed until next spring 2019


Closed until next spring 2019.

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Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza Memorabilia

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Bruce Springsteen

Newsboy Hat

The Boss wore this hat on stage in the early ‘70s while he was on tour in support of his brilliant sophomore album ‘The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle’.

Elton John

Pink Jacket

Sir Elton is nearly as famous in the world of fashion as he is in the world of music. This completely over-the-top pink jacket is a great example of why. He wore it on stage.

Julio Iglesias


Spanish vocal icon Julio Iglesias wore this suit on stage.

John Lennon

Leather Jacket

This distressed leather jacket belonged to John Lennon. It’s reminiscent of the “teddy boy” look the Beatles had in the very early days of the group.


Bullet Bra

Madonna wore this pink “bullet bra” on stage during her ‘Blond Ambition’ tour in 1990.

Mix Master Mike


Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike has been the reigning turntable king for nearly 20 years and shows no sign of relinquishing his throne. Mike’s work in the ‘90s with the Invisibl Skratch Piklz brought him to prominence as a turntablist who elevated the art form far beyond the typical “beat and scratch” approach – helping establish the DJ as a true creative force. He joined the Beastie Boys in 1998 and has been with them ever since. The orange jumpsuit, headphones and Vestax turntable on display were all owned by Mix Master Mike and used onstage with the mighty Beastie Boys.


God Top

Colombian megastar Shakira wore this gold top on stage in 2011 during her ‘Sale el Sol’ tour. She donated a large number of stage-worn outfits to the Hard Rock collection in exchange for a contribution to her charity, ‘Fundación Pies Descalzos’.

Steve Aoki


As the 21st century progressed and DJs began to take over for instrumentalists as the new rock stars, Steve Aoki was at the forefront of the movement. This U.S.-based musician, producer and promoter has set the standard for creative excellence in both original composition and remix artistry – and his live performances are cathartic releases of pure freedom and joy. This outfit was donated to the Hard Rock by Steve during the ‘Estereo Picnic’ festival in Colombia on April 5th, 2013.

Black Sabbath

Custom Guitar

This incredible custom John Birch guitar was built in the ‘70s for Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. It was his main stage guitar during the ‘Technical Ecstasy’, ‘Never Say Die’, ‘Heaven and Hell’ and ‘Mob Rules’ tours. It’s a true piece of heavy metal history and one of the most important instruments in the Hard Rock collection.

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