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Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia

Here are just a few of our awesome memorabilia pieces in the London collection, we have over 200 pieces and an exclusive music memorabilia museum called the 'Vault' based in our shop, entry is free!

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Eric Clapton

Red Fender Lead II Guitar

They say you never forget your first. First love, first kiss, first pint… This battered old Fender Lead II guitar is the very first piece of rock memorabilia acquired in what was to become the greatest collection the world has ever seen. When British blues giant Eric Clapton suggested that his favorite restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe, reserve his preferred table with a plaque, Hard Rock co-founder, Isaac Tigrett, suggested his guitar instead. The rest is history. The collection has acquired bigger, flashier, and louder pieces through the years, but we’ll never forget our first. This humble red axe still lives at the Hard Rock in London. Right where it belongs.


Stage Outfit

American Idol seems to have pulled off the very unlikely trick of morphing from a karaoke contest of minimal consequence into a karaoke contest that actually dictates the musical direction of the country. Whether or not that’s good or bad we leave for you to decide (hint: not good). Chris Daughtry has avoided the fate of the vast majority of Idol contestants and actually crafted a viable career from his appearance on the show. Chris and the group that bears his name have truly put in some real work – touring relentlessly, writing, and recording – and earned a spot amongst the 21st century rock elite. When he performed at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, he was so touched by our John Lennon collection that he strayed from his set list and performed some Lennon material on the spot. You’ve got to respect that. This outfit is from his 2006 tour of Asia.

Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Les Paul, the jazz guitarist and inventor whose name became synonymous with the electric guitar, played and signed this unusual Les Paul Recording model. Its low-impedance pickups were off-putting to some players, but Les himself loved 'em.


Chemical Bank Card

Before this card expired in ’88, it could unlock quite a few bucks at the Chemical Bank. In case you completely missed the 1980s, Madonna had a bit of earning power back then (still does).

Elvis Presley

Coat and Cape

In the mid ’70s, the King was one hell of a fashion plate. He rocked this red coat and fur cape combo when he’d step out on the town. You can be sure the “Memphis Mafia” were on hand to tell him how great he looked in this thing.

John Lennon

“War Is Over” Postcards

One of the most overt (and iconic) examples of John and Yoko’s peace activism are these “War is Over (if you want it)” postcards from 1969. They’ve been discussed, quoted, co-opted for commercial use (yuck), bootlegged, copied, ridiculed and praised for forty-plus years and show no signs of losing their impact. The simple eloquence of the sentiment is, clearly, timeless. These examples are originals from ’69.

Pete Townshend

Modified Gibson Les Paul

Pete Townshend is a charter member of the world’s greatest rock memorabilia collection. Annoyed that Hard Rock co-founder Isaac Tigrett had hung one of Clapton’s axes on the wall at the London cafe, a drunk Townshend had this guitar sent over with a note that said, “Mine’s as good as his! Love, Pete.” Actually, it’s better. When Clapton gave us our first guitar, he handed over a relatively low-end Fender Lead II model. The instrument Pete sent over – the second in the collection – was heavily modified, stage-used and invaluable.