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Paseo de la Castellana 2, 28046 Madrid, Spain
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Hard Rock Cafe Madrid Memorabilia

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Buddy Holly


Everyone knows that Buddy Holly was the preeminent genius of early rock, but as this page of history homework attests, he was also pretty good with the book learnin’. He seems to have had a pretty good grasp of the events leading to the American Revolution. Check out the bottom - Mercantile Theory!

Roy Orbison

Letter to a DJ

In 1962, Roy wasn't taking any chances on getting his records played. This is a personal note thanking a dj for all the spins he’s given Roy’s latest singles (he’s probably referring to “Crying”and “Dream Baby”).

Scott Weiland

Aviator Sunglasses

Usually, Scott Weiland sees police sunglasses from the business end, but he got behind the glass in these black aviators on Velvet Revolver’s 2005 tour.

Ritchie Valens

Harmony Sovereign Acoustic

Legendary Latin rocker Ritchie Valens owned this Harmony Sovereign acoustic. It’s hard to believe that Ritchie never saw age 18, considering how influential an artist he is. It's equally hard to believe that his life came down to a coin toss with Buddy Holly’s guitarist, Tommy Allsup. Ritchie won the toss, got a seat on the plane, and flew off into history – forever a teenager.


Letter to Michelle Young

We’re suckers for handwritten stuff, and this is one of our favorites. It’s a letter Slash (who was 14 at the time) wrote to Michelle Young – the woman who inspired one of G & R’s most blistering jams, “My Michelle”. In the note, Slash laments Michelle breaking up with him because he talks about his guitar too much. Don’t worry, Slash, your guitar obsession is going to pay off in a few years. Also check out how he mentions going to see Quiet Riot (who had the late, great Randy Rhoads on guitar at the time), the teenage stoner artwork, and how he signs his real name – Saul.

Tom Hamilton

Parker PB1 Bass

This Parker PB1 bass is kind of like what people in 1957 thought the future would be like. Tom used it in the studio in 2006.

Skip Spence 1959 Gibson L-5

1959 Gibson L-5

The late Skip Spence has faded into memory as a sort of American version of Syd Barrett - immensely talented and immensely troubled. Go listen to his work with Moby Grape or his amazing solo album, Oar. You'll understand. This gorgeous '59 Gibson L-5 was Skip's.

John Lennon Millings

D.A. Millings Suit

London tailor Douglas Millings was the go-to clothier for The Beatles throughout the '60s. Consequently, his collarless suit design has become as much a part of Beatle fashion as the "mop top" haircut. Millings created over 500 outfits for the boys and even had a small role in their 1964 film, A Hard Day's Night. This one was John's.