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Hard Rock Cafe Mall of America Memorabilia

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Alanis Morissette


This orange wool turtleneck sweater was worn by Alanis Morissette during the filming of her "Ironic" music video in 1996.


Waitress Uniform

This pink waitress uniform was worn by Britney Spears in the music video for her hit smash hit “Crazy” in 1999.

Carl Perkins


This Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman was originally built for Chet Atkins himself and later given to rockabilly legend Carl Perkins. Though Carl wrote and performed countless rock ‘n roll classics, he’ll forever be remembered for his ode to youthful swagger, “Blue Suede Shoes”.

Jimi Hendrix


This psychedelic jacket was worn by Jimi Hendrix while filming the movie ‘Rainbow Bridge’ in 1970.

George Harrison


This Jose Ramirez model 1a was given by George to Mary Hopkin at Abbey Road studios during the sessions for ‘The White Album’. Mary was an early Apple Records artist who had a No. 1 hit with the song “Those Were the Days.” Later, she married producer Tony Visconti and sang on songs by David Bowie, T Rex and Thin Lizzy. During those years, this guitar was also played by Bowie and Marc Bolan.

Judas Priest

Drum Kit

For over forty years, Judas Priest has set the standard for high-impact heavy metal. Classic songs like “Breaking the Law”, “Living After Midnight”, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” and the absolutely brutal “Painkiller” are regarded as milestones of the genre. Drummer Scott Travis joined Judas Priest in 1989, made his recorded debut with them on “Painkiller” and has been with the group ever since. He used this Tama drum kit on stage from 1998-2001 and in the studio on the ‘Demolition’ and ‘Jugulator’ albums.

Kurt Cobain


Here’s Kurt Cobain’s seventh grade yearbook. In less than 15 years, he’d conquer the music world, become a father and be gone. You have to wonder how many of the other people in this yearbook now tell wild exaggerations about how friendly they were with the soon-to-be icon during his school days.


Handwritten Lyrics

This set of handwritten lyrics is a work-in-progress from the late Kurt Cobain.



Though Minneapolis has been the home of some absolutely incredible artists, one name stands alone as the undisputed master – Prince. Throughout his career, Prince has created some of the most challenging, provocative and infectious music in the history of the art form. He wore his Minneapolis pride on his sleeve – literally – with this stylish outfit during his 1987 ‘Sign o’ the Times’ tour.



This beautiful Swarovski crystal two-piece bodysuit was worn by Rihanna during her 2010-2011 ‘Last Girl on Earth’ tour. It was created by costume designer Erin Hirsh.

The Rolling Stones


The cliché “third time’s the charm” is entirely accurate when applied to Keith Richards’s six-string foils. The Stones had two very brilliant souls in both Brian Jones and Mick Taylor, but it was their third and most enduring guitarist, Ron Wood, that really understood what playing with Keith is all about. Ron played this 1936 Gibson EH-150 lap steel on legendary sideman Blondie Chapin’s recordings in ’99.

Jesse Johnson


The Time were assembled in Minneapolis under a clause in Prince's contract with Warner Bros. that allowed him to recruit and produce other artists for the label. Prince decided to put together a pop-funk group that would serve as an outlet for material in the vein of his own early albums, while he explored other genres and styles in his own career. Lead guitarist Jesse Johnson used this heavily customized G&L guitar on stage with the group.

Tony Iommi


British luthier Patrick Eggle crafted this guitar for iconic Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. It’s a one-of-a-kind prototype of a design that Tony used throughout the ’90s.

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