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Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi Memorabilia

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Chris Daughtry


The glorified karaoke contest known as American Idol has brought the world some dubious pop stars (Clay Aiken? Really?). For the most part, they’re best served by going straight to off-off-Broadway musicals or dinner theater in retirement communities. That’s why it was so surprising when Idol finalist Chris Daughtry parlayed his appearance on the program into an actual career in rock music. His debut album shot straight to #1 on the U.S. charts and his tours have been consistent sellouts. Not too shabby. Chris used this megaphone on stage in ’07. Megaphones are getting too trendy with contemporary artists. Time for a moratorium on using them. Unless your name is Tom Waits or Gibby Haynes, no more bullhorns, please.

Ronald Isley

Tank Top

When you’ve been one of the brightest lights in the soul sky since the 1950s and have had your material covered by everyone from the Beatles to R. Kelly, you get to strut your stuff in this zebra-striped half-shirt. And that's exactly what Ronald Isley did.

John Lennon

Fancy Robe

One of the more colorful characters in the Beatles’ sphere was a Greek television repairman who went by the unlikely name “Magic Alex”. A self-styled electronics guru, Alex captivated John Lennon with his grandiose schemes and dubious inventions. In 1967, he convinced the Beatles that they should purchase a Greek island to use as a base of operations, so they all went to Greece to check out some possible locations and drop acid on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Lennon purchased this lovely blue robe on that trip and wore it frequently around his home in Surrey.

Kerry King

BC Rich V Guitar

Kerry King is one of the most ferocious guitarists around and his group, Slayer, are the undisputed kings of thrash metal. This is one of Kerry's signature BC Rich Vs. He used this particular guitar during the Slayer/Marilyn Manson tour in 2007.

Mick Mars

Top Hat

Abraham Lincoln’s stylistic choices – specifically his top hat – have had a surprising impact on the world of rock. We have top hats from Slash, Leon Russel, Tom Petty, Madonna, Marc Bolan, and a host of other rock luminaries. This one is from Mick Mars and was worn on the 2008 Crüefest tour. Sadly, not many rock stars are sporting the “Lincoln Beard.”

Duff McKagan


G ’n’ R bass man Duff McKagan received this über-cool vest from a concert promoter during Guns’ 1992 tour of Brazil. In one of the most unlikely twists of rock ’n’ roll fortune, a post-Guns Duff went to business school and is now a financial columnist for Playboy magazine. Go figure.

Tommy Lee

Space Helmet

On Mötley Crüe’s 1997 Generation Swine tour, Tommy Lee devised an incredibly elaborate piece of staging for his inevitable drum solo. As he bashed away, a helmeted “spaceman” walked onto the stage shooting at Tommy with a laser gun and pulling down a curtain to obscure the drum riser. The drum platform then lifted into the air, spaceship-style, while a barrage of smoke and pyro seemingly blew it to bits. “Oh no! Tommy Lee has been vaporized in a bizarre on-stage accident! It’s Spinal Tap in real life!” The triumphant spaceman then removes his helmet and reveals himself to be – you guessed it – Tommy Lee. It’s a time-honored staple of any budding magician’s bag of tricks. This is the helmet from that tour.

Elvis Presley

Suede Jacket

Though we have an unbelievable amount of Elvis' clothing, stuff from the '50s always has an extra dose of rock 'n' roll mojo. The King purchased this jacket from Lansky Brothers in the '50s and wore it throughout his rise to universal domination. Though it's somewhat humble, it has more true rock spirit than 100 spangly Vegas jumpsuits. Elvis later gave the jacket to his cousin Harold Loyd, who worked on the grounds of Graceland for many years.


Goodall Jumbo Acoustic

What we have here is a beautiful example of acoustic guitar craftsmanship – a handbuilt James Goodall rosewood jumbo. This one was owned and played by Seal at the Hard Rock in New York City. It’s a truly spectacular instrument. When you hit a chord on this thing, it feels like everything’s right in the universe.

Nancy Wilson

Dean Baby Z

Heart’s hyper-talented and super-hot guitarist, Nancy Wilson, had a thing for these Dean axes in the ’80s. This “Baby Z” model guitar is essentially a shrunken version of a Gibson Explorer and it was offered in a variety of eighties-tastic colors – like this purple sunburst example. Nancy used this guitar throughout the decade, both onstage and in videos.

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