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Hard Rock Cafe Northfield Park Memorabilia

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Elvis Presley

Karate Gi

The King was a passionate practitioner of martial arts and even earned an 8th-degree black belt over his years of study. He owned and wore this patriotic karate gi in 1974. Elvis personally paid for the U.S. martial arts team to travel to Europe that year and outfitted the entire team with elaborate uniforms like this one.

James Brown

Velvet Cape and Crown

Singer, writer, arranger, producer, bandleader and one of the best dancers of all time, James Brown’s shadow still looms over every aspect of popular culture. His influence is impossible to overstate. James wore this cape and crown on stage in the mid ‘60s.

The Jackson 5

Stage Costumes

When the Jackson 5 made their Motown Records debut in 1969, the pop world was forever changed. The release introduced the world to a force of nature called Michael Jackson. In the years that followed, the Jackson 5 dominated the pop charts with hits like “I Want You Back”, “ABC” and “I’ll Be There”. These outfits were worn by the group in 1977 when they hosted their own television variety show.

Lady Gaga

Beige Dress

Lady Gaga is much more than just the latest occupant of the house that Madonna built – she’s a deeply talented musician, songwriter and performance artist much more akin to legends like David Bowie or Jim Morrison than to the fickle world of pop. Her ability to be provocative and challenging while appealing to a mass audience is unmatched in the 21st century. She wore this dress at a press conference in Singapore in 2011.

Justin Bieber

Leather Jacket

Justin Bieber is the latest in the time-honored tradition of the teen idol. Ever since Frank Sinatra made bobby socks-clad girls scream in the 1940s, popular music has celebrated the bubblegum awesomeness of teen singers. Though they’re often maligned by the music cognoscenti, teen idols have been around for as long as rock ‘n’ roll has existed. Justin wore this jacket when he appeared on the 2012 ‘Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards’. The discoloration on the jacket is from when he was “slimed” during the show.

Bruce Springsteen

Denim Vest

In 1974, critic Jon Landau wrote, “I saw rock and roll's future, and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” In the 40+ years since, New Jersey's favorite son has sold over 65 million albums, won 20 Grammys and become one of the top concert draws of all time. The American condition has always been Bruce's inspiration, but his songs of struggle, love, loss and redemption are now part of a global language. This sleeveless denim vest perfectly represents Springsteen’s authentic working-class style and mystique. He wore it during the legendary 1984-1985 ‘Born in the USA’ tour.

Jimi Hendrix

Yellow Shirt

Of all the legendary late-'60s performers, Hendrix may loom the largest in terms of enduring style, instrumental virtuosity and transcendent charisma. Jimi one-upped all the prom kings and lounge singers when he sported this ruffled tux shirt on stage in the late ’60s.



Since 1974, Canadian power trio Rush have set the standard for incredible musicianship, intellectual lyric content and commercial viability. With classic hits like “Tom Sawyer”, “The Spirit of Radio” and “Subdivisions”, Rush have maintained a gigantic worldwide fanbase for nearly 40 years. Only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have had more consecutive gold and platinum records than Rush. They’re truly one of the most important and influential groups of all time. This amazing Rickenbacker doubleneck was used on stage by frontman Geddy Lee on both the ‘Permanent Waves’ and ‘Moving Pictures’ tours during the song “A Passage to Bangkok”. This instrument is one of the most historic and iconic in the Hard Rock collection.

Al Green

Denim Suit

In the world of soul music, no one defines the genre more than Al Green. Al’s incredible voice and his uncanny ability to interpret a lyric and make it seem like he’s singing directly to you is simply unmatched. He took the musical traditions of gospel into the secular world and became a true legend. Al rocked this incredible denim suit on stage in the ‘70s.

The Who


The late, great John Entwistle of the Who is quite possibly the single most influential bass player who ever lived. He also had one of the greatest collections of vintage and custom instruments ever assembled – including this awesome Peter Cook-built bass. John used it on tour with the Who in 1976.

John Lennon

Wool Suit

In the mid ‘70s, John Lennon was facing an aggressive campaign by the Nixon administration to have him deported. Nixon feared that John’s influence among young people might cost him the presidential election, so he attempted to have him kicked out of the country on dubious grounds. If not for the Watergate scandal, John may very well have been deported. This tweed suit was worn by John to one of his many immigration court appearances.

Eddie Van Halen

Harley Davison Softail

This stunning Harley Davidson Softail was customized for Eddie Van Halen by Carlini Cycle Creations. Eddie only put 811 miles on the odometer before deciding four wheels suited him better than two.

Van Halen

Charvel Guitar

Easily one of the most important and influential rock guitarists of all time, Eddie Van Halen essentially reinvented the instrument for generations of rock fans. His shadow still looms over every electric guitarist on Earth. Eddie played this Charvel guitar on stage when Van Halen performed in Atlantic City, New Jersey on March 24th, 2012.

The Who

Football Helmet

Bassist John Entwistle can be seen on the cover of the Who’s 1974 album, ‘Odds & Sods’ wearing this “R”-emblazoned football helmet. The rest of the band also wore lettered helmets so that they spelled out “ROCK” in the cover photo.

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