Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

6050 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819
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Hours of Operation

Restaurant Hours:

Daily 8:30AM - 12:00AM

Bar Hours:

Nightly until 12:00AM


Mon - Sun 9:00AM - 12:00AM

Complimentary valet parking courtesy of Universal:
Monday - Friday 11:00AM - 2:00PM (validation good up to 2 hours with restaurant receipt and stamp)

Free self-parking after 6:00pm (not valid during Universal's Halloween Horror Nights)

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando Memorabilia

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Kurt Cobain

Photo and Receipt

This poignant display features two relics from the all-too-brief life of Kurt Cobain. The Polaroid is of Kurt and newborn Frances Bean (check out where Courtney Love wrote “Mean and Bean” on the photo) and the receipt is from legendary record store Bleecker Bob’s.

Bootsy Collins


When you’re Bootsy Collins – the Bootzilla supra-alien Funkenstein prime mover bass hero from beyond Uranus – you get to wear these shades as part of your everyday wardrobe.

Bernie Taupin

Handwritten Lyrics

These notes are in the hand of longtime Elton John lyricist/collaborator Bernie Taupin. It’s a great glimpse into the creative process of one of rock’s most successful and prolific wordsmiths.

Eric Erlandson

Late ’60s Electro ES-17 Guitar

This is an interesting little axe that belonged to Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. It’s an Electro ES-17. Electro was a secondary brand of the Rickenbacker company and was used to market entry-level (cheaper) alternatives to their popular line of Rickenbackers. However, the differences between this guitar and it’s much more expensive sibling, the Rickenbacker 425, are pretty much exclusively cosmetic. These old Electros are great little guitars. Clearly, Eric Erlandson knows his axes.

John Lennon

Letter to Lindy

Here’s another great example of John Lennon’s love of wordplay. In this 1962 letter to Lindy Ness, John twists and bends the English language until it’s barely recognizable. Awesome! He even went nuts playing with the typewriter itself. John often created bizarre patterns and random images when he typed letters to friends – especially in the early days. What makes this letter especially interesting is that it’s written on the back of a listing of upcoming Beatles gigs.

Keith Moon

Tenancy Application

This is just a great, great piece of memorabilia. It’s Keith Moon’s application to rent his very first apartment. Check out where, under “Previous Landlord”, he wrote, “None – resided at home” and under “Personal”, he writes, “Quiet, well educated”. Holy moly. Quiet? This is Keith Moon we’re talking about here.

Stevie Nicks

Letter to Mom

This is a letter from Stevie Nicks to her mom. Check out the custom letterhead and Stevie’s allusion to her shoe obsession.

Sly Stone

Furry Boots

When it comes to unbridled badassery, Sly Stone is unparalleled. Sly led the first major group that was both multi-gender and multi-racial. That seems like standard procedure these days, but back in the mid-’60s, it was almost unheard of. Sly and the Family Stone were so effortlessly soulful, funky, and rockin’ that they pretty much stole the show at Woodstock – and every other gig they ever played. They also knew how to rock ’60s fashion in a big way. Check out these furry boots. They’re straight from Sly Stone’s wardrobe and should become the go-to footwear for every member of the human race. The world be much, much groovier.

Patti Smith

Original Drawing

Punk rock’s Godmother, Patti Smith, drew this piece in 1968. It’s entitled, Pershing at the Front. A few years later, she released her watershed debut album, Horses, and rocketed into immortality.