Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

Karl Johansgate 45, 0162 Oslo, Norway

Restaurant Hours:

Mon-Thurs 11:30PM-10:00PM

Fri 11:30PM-11:00PM 

Sat 11:00PM - 11.00PM 

Sun 12:00PM-10:00PM

Bar Hours:

Mon-Thurs 11:00PM-Late

Fri-Sat 11:00PM-03:00AM

Sun 12:00PM-Late


Mon-Thurs 11:00PM-Late

Fri-Sat: 11:00PM- 03:00 AM

Sun 12:00PM-Late

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Hard Rock Cafe Oslo Groups & Special Events

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Group Events

We organize everything from Meetings, Conferences, Mini Fairs and large group functions.

Why not let us host your next breakfast seminar?

Offering multiple event spaces within the cafe, the opportunity to enjoy an authentic rock n roll experience is just a phone call away!

Our sales department will work with you to make sure that whatever the event, function or party, it will be handled to your utmost satisfacion. Call us 40 00 62 60 or email sales@hardrockcafe.no.



Hard Rock Cafe Oslo has 6 tables posible for up to 36 people to play at the same time. Shuffleboard is fun, exciting and easy to learn. It is similar to curling. 4 blue or red stones per player or team slides from one to the other side of the table. It's all about get as close to the far edge as possible with their own stones, while to block or turn off the opponent's stones. You can be 2-6 players/table.

The story of Shuffleboard
Like so many other games Shuffleboard were invented in England, a long time ago (1500s). It was developed in the US and is available in two different variants. Shuffleboard on deck ship, known by many Hollywood films and television series, played with a kind of rake (queue) or the modern Shuffleboard played on a 6.7 meter (22 am.foot) and 65 cm wide table games.
2010 Century success started at the bar Tilt in central Oslo. From there it quickly spread further in the Nordic region and in Europe.
Official Rules:
1. Each player/team has four stones/weights - red or blue
2. The first player/team who first reach 15 points wins.
3. Any puck that crosses the foul line closest to the shooter is considered a legal shot and will remain on the board. 
4. a. The one or more stones of the same color as the end furthest closest to the far edge gives points
   b. The player/team that won the previous round always starts the next round
6. It is not allowed to play two stones together.
7. The entire stone must be above point line (is not enough that it is part over the line) 

Book to play shuffleboard 

We are an IDEAL LOCATION for:

  • Private parties
  • Group events
  • Corporate events
  • Theme nights
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • School Groups / Tour & Travel
  • Meet and Greets
  • Mini fairs
  • Product Launches
  • Kids parties
  • CD/book releases

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Group Menus

Ready to book

Kick off the planning right now and book your next special event at Hard Rock Cafe.

Rooms & Capacities

Venue Capacities

  • Full Cafe               260 seated (700 people)
  • Private room #1      20 seated
  • Private room #2       50 seated
  • Patio                       80 seated

Ready to book

Kick off the planning right now and book your next special event at Hard Rock Cafe.

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