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Rua do Almada, 120, Porto, 4050-031, Portugal

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SUN TO THU 12:00PM TO 12:00AM
FRI AND SAT 12:00PM TO 01:00AM

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SUN TO THU 11:00AM TO 01:00AM
FRI AND SAT 11:00AM TO 02:00AM


MON TO SUN 10:00AM TO 00:30AM

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Hard Rock Cafe Porto Memorabilia

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Brown Jacket with Fringe

Boasting the instrumental prowess of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, Cream was quite possibly the greatest power trio of all time and were a dominant force in the ‘60s. The fringed jacket on display was owned and worn by Jack in 1968.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Black Jacket with Fringe

A true rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, Jerry Lee Lewis had a sound and style so raw and reckless it influenced not only the first generation of rock artists, but also the punk scene that emerged twenty years after he made his debut. He owned and wore this fringed jacket.


Paul Reid Smith

Guitarist Jim Root of legendary heavy metal band Slipknot used this custom-built Paul Reed Smith guitar on stage during the group’s ‘Kill the Industry’ European tour in 2001.

Lady Gaga

Purple and White Wide Legged Pants

Pop provocateur Lady Gaga wore these unusual pants in New York City on April 5th, 2014. They were made by German designer Thomas Hanisch.

Montley Crue

Smashed Fender Squire Bass

This is what happens to a bass in the hands of Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. It was used – and abused – on the Crüe’s 2005 ‘Red, White and Crüe’ tour. This one met its demise in Jacksonville, FL.


Black Polka Dot Vest

A true musical genius, Prince was one of the most gifted artists of the last 50 years and achieved unprecedented commercial and critical success. His death in 2016 left a void that may never be filled. Prince wore this vest on stage in the ‘90s.

Roxy Music

Wood Grain Yamaha

Guitarist Phil Manzanera of legendary art rock group Roxy Music owned and played this gorgeous Yamaha SG2000 guitar in the late ‘70s.

Sly Stone

Black Red Gold and White Jacket with Crystals

Though Sly and the Family Stone’s name doesn’t come up as much as the Beatles, Hendrix or James Brown, there’s no question that the band was every bit as important to music and culture in the late ’60s as any of those artists. Their leader, Sly Stone, assembled the first truly integrated rock band – in both race and gender – and created some of the most vital and aware music of the 20th century. Sly wore this custom leather jacket on stage.

Elvis Presley

Denim Shirt

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself – Elvis Presley – owned and wore this denim shirt in the late ‘60s.

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