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Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa Memorabilia

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Elliot Easton

Cowboy Boots

The Cars’ brilliant guitarist, Elliot Easton, owned and operated these extra-groovy cowboy boots.

John Lennon

Ruffled Shirt

This frilly shirt was from the Apple Boutique – the Beatles’ short-lived, ill-fated clothing store. While all remnants of the Apple Boutique are cool little time capsules, this one is special – it was the personal property of John Lennon and he wore it often.

Chris Carrabba


Sensitive songboy Chris Carrabba is almost single-handedly responsible for the overwhelming flood of sound-alike “emo” bands that were inescapable during the first decade of the 21st century, but don’t blame him if everyone jumped on his bandwagon. He donated this outfit to the Autism Speaks charity at the Hard Rock Las Vegas in 2008.



This trippy little box is called a Stylophone. It’s a primitive little electronic synthesizer that is played with a pen-like stylus. Keane used this one on their 2008 album Perfect Symmetry. In the right hands, a Stylophone can bring some exceedingly cool lo-fi textures to a song, but when played by the marginally talented, it will make you want to go on a tri-state killing spree.

David Lee Roth


“Diamond” Dave sported these sporty sweatpants on the mighty Van Halen’s legendary 1984 tour. VH was at the top of their game on this tour, but a few short months later, the band sacked David Lee Roth and replaced him with Sammy Hagar. We like Sammy as much as the next bunch of rock nerds, but to us, Dave will always be the only frontman for Van Halen.

Ron Blair

Fender Jazz Bass

This J-bass is straight from Ron Blair’s arsenal. He used it on Tom Petty’s 2008 tour.

Synyster Gates

Schecter Synyster Custom

21st century metal torchbearers Avenged Sevenfold have established themselves as one of the new leaders of the genre and their lead guitarist, Synyster Gates, is rightfully respected as a fretboard wizard. He played this Schecter Synyster Custom – his signature model – on the 2008 Taste of Chaos tour.

Fred Coury


Cinderella drummer Fred Coury looked damn good on tour in this extra-cool velvet vest.

Chris Daughtry


Former American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry wore this shirt during the 2006 Idol tour.


Jacket From the “Take a Bow” Video

There’s something inherently weird about big-budget, high concept music videos. Aren’t they almost always bloated, pretentious commercials for an artist’s ego? Aren’t they almost always made for an artist’s weakest song? That said, Madonna wore this jacket in her big, bloated, pretentious video for “Take a Bow”. It was made by John Galliano.

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