Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise

+61 (7) 5539 9377
Cnr. Cavill Ave. & Surfers Paradise Blvd., Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217, Australia

Restaurant Hours:

Daily 12:00PM-Late

Rock Shop® Hours:

Daily 10:00AM-10:00PM

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Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise Memorabilia

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Deryck Whibley

Striped Shirt

Deryck Whibley donned this black and red striped shirt in the “Pieces” music video as well as during the Chuck tour.

Steve Vai

Ibanez 7–String

This funky 7–string guitar (which looks like several colors of Play-Doh mixed together) was used by alien shred-master Steve Vai. Steve needs a seven-string guitar because he has fourteen fingers. He signed and donated this axe to our collection in 1990.

Keith Moon

Polyester Shirt

If rock ‘n’ roll was a Shakespeare play (and you know it is), the Who’s brilliant, mercurial drummer – Keith Moon – would certainly play Puck. His offstage persona as “Moon the Loon” and his penchant for full-blown rock ‘n’ roll debauchery may have made him infamous, but his absolutely brilliant drumming is his true legacy. Though many have tried, no one plays the drums like Keith Moon. His style always seemed at the edge of falling apart and his approach counter intuitive to the traditional straight-four beat so much rock music is based on. Somehow, he held it all together and forged one of the truly magical musical styles. The Who without Keith is still a great band, but we all know it’s nowhere near the powerhouse it was in his day. Check out this ultra-cool polyester shirt. It’s pure Keith and he wore it proudly in the ‘70s.

Willie Nelson

Mada Caimes Hemp Guitar

Willie Nelson’s bruised and beautiful main axe, Trigger, was given a short rest at the 2007 Ambassadors of Rock concert at Hard Rock New York. In its place he played this Mada Caimes model. It’s made of compressed hemp fiber. Seriously. This thing is made out of pot.

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