Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Seminole Hard Rock continues our tradition of inclusion. The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion works to integrate inclusion into our daily business operations and critical business decisions. These efforts are important in achieving our company aspirations to be the employer of choice for diverse talent, to cultivate a culture of inclusion, and to be recognized for equitable and responsible practices within the industry. 

Diversity is a recognition of differences while leveraging those differences to produce stellar results. Equity is a process of seeking fairness through deliberate and intentional actions. Inclusion occurs when everyone feels they have the freedom and comfort to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a safe, trusting, and open environment. 

Inclusion means not feeling left out…that I have a chance just like any other person to succeed in this company.

Prince Logan
Director, Operations Central West




To address the needs of all Team Members – including Native Americans, women, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, people of color (BIPOC), people with disabilities, and veterans – we work to build equitable policies, programs and practices based on a framework of people, culture and stakeholders. 


Our Senior Leadership is a diverse group of executives from around the globe, driving inclusive initiatives with passion and efficiency. Led by our CEO and Chairman Jim Allen, we are proud that our Executive Team lives our mottos and values. 

DAVID CARROLL Senior Vice President, Hard Rock International

DAVID HOENEMEYER Chief Operating Officer, Seminole Gaming

DEBORAH GENTRY DAVIS Vice President, Human Resources

EDWARD AGUILAR General Manager, Seminole Classic Casino

JEFFERY HOOK Executive Vice President, Development & Marketing

JIM ALLEN Chairman, Hard Rock International CEO, Seminole Gaming

JOE LUPO President, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Jon Lucas Chief Operating Officer, Hard Rock International

Keith Sheldon President, Entertainment

Kim Manna Senior Vice President, Retail & Licensing

Prince Logan Director, Operations Central West

Stacy Gallot Vice President, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

Stephanie Piimauna Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

Tracy Bradford President, Seminole Hard Rock Support Services



Tribal Career Development

Tribal Career Development logo

Seminole Tribal Members are invited to participate in a Tribal Career Development (TCD) Program designed to build business skills, develop leadership capabilities, and give Tribal Members access to senior leaders. The aim is to increase tribal representation at all levels of the organization and provide the tools necessary for upward mobility.
Based on the concept that everyone can be a leader, Tribal Team Members (TTMs) are able to pursue a career path on three tracks: Career Track, Expert Track, and Emerging Leader Track, along with the option for an Introductory Track for those who are new to the workforce.
Each track offers a performance management system, rewards for completion, and a robust alumni network to continue learning and connections beyond program completion. This flagship leadership development program provides career growth for Tribal Team Members at all stages of their progress, from entry level to advanced leader. 

All Tribal Team Members graduate from the program with extensive learning gained through modules that include Managing Difficult Conversations, Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Cultural Awareness and Impact. Every segment is designed to increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and build on the skills that will elevate careers to the next level. By customizing their journey, supported by a dedicated TD Team, participants are better able to realize long-term professional goals. Click here to apply.



Since 2017, the Seminole & Hard Rock Women in Leadership program has been working to increase women’s representation within leadership roles. Founders Tracy Bradford and Meaghan Ryan have advanced education, mentorship, and networking opportunities for women throughout the enterprise. Education, mentorship, and networking opportunities encourage and support development opportunities throughout the organization. 

Through tailored programs, women in director and vice president roles have risen to 32 percent and 27 percent respectively, both of which are above the industry standard of 22 percent.  

Meaghan Ryan Vice President - Talent & Team Member Relations

Candice Pinares-Baez Vice President Legal Affairs, HRI

Marshawn Soares Supervisor, Aviation Operations, SHRSS


TMRGs foster a sense of belonging and inclusion that can spark innovation, accelerate employee development and align to each of these five pillars:

CULTURAL AWARENESS: Educating and raising awareness of different cultures within the workplace, encouraging a more open and welcoming environment

COMMUNITY OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT: Investing in philanthropic endeavors that provide opportunities to give back to the communities in which we live and work

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Providing employees with opportunities and experiences to foster career growth through training, mentoring opportunities, workshops, and seminars

BUSINESS IMPACT: Cultivating diversity as a business strength, through our talented people, a diverse supplier base, and a partner network of diverse businesses and professional associations

RECRUITING: Supporting talent acquisition strategy and reputation as an inclusive work environment in order to source, attract, and recruit diverse candidates 



“The TMGR provide support to a diverse group of Team Members, which promotes more inclusive practices throughout our organization. They created a safe place where I feel I can share how different issues affect me, personally and professionally.”

R.E.A.C.H. TMRG Officer

“My Team Member Resources Group is the hub where I can share and learn about topics that matter to me as a mother of a child with a disability. I can express myself without judgement because the group shares similar life experiences and struggles that I di. Joining the monthly calls allows me to expand my network and share ideas that can go across other Hard Rock properties.”

P.U.L.S.E. TMRG Officer

“Since joining the P.U.L.S.E. TMGR, I have extended this resource not only to team members at my property, but to team members enterprise-wide. Knowing that we can provide a comfortable place for hard conversations, we are giving team members the support that can let them be true to themselves, and to educate allies. It has been simply awe inspiring. ”

V.I.B.E. TMRG Officer

“The TMRG Team is a group of diverse professionals that make a company, community and world great. I have gained a lot of new friends and connected with people who look towards the future as we discuss past, present and future topics that affect our brand. The discussions make it easier to interact with Team Members and our guests.”



To address the needs of all team members – including Native Americans, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color (BIPOC), people with disabilities, and veterans – we work to build  equitable policies, programs and practices based on a framework of people, culture and stakeholders.